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can someone tell me the meaning of "Узнай: как он ответил на этот вопрос" on russian?
Автор:  Lisa

Do mentally sick and dangerous people get incarcerated in Russia now?
never mind human rights
bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis are dangerous illness, incurable, people lapsing into remissions but no one knows for how long.
Автор:  K2010

English to Russian translation (short one) **no online translators**?
take "you" as "ti" please =)

"Don't you ever check your messages? Say something please!! Everyday my friend calls me and asks if you answered or not.Have a little mercy on him!!"

thanks :)
Автор:  Keran Josh

Native Russian Speakers? Помогите пожалуйста!!?
Я преехала в Америку из России когда была маленькая (я сечас в девятом классе) и теперь забываю свой родной язык. Я говорю дома по-русский, но в школе и с друзями преходица по-английский. Где я живу нет много русских и у меня нет охота беседовать в русских сайтов по интернету. Я не могу забыть свой родной язык!!! У когота есть идеи???
Автор:  Masha

big favor, translate this to Russian ?
1. I do not have any pets.
2. I just picked up a beginner's Russian book at the library today.
3. No, I do not understand Cyrillic very well. I am trying to learn the russian alphabet.
4. I do not understand russian grammar. As I said, I am barely a beginner.

5. also,what does this mean in english?
Но если ты живёшь в Калифорнии, а я в Москве, то ICQ нам вряд ли понадобится :) We can talk here if you want.
Скажи, ты где учишь русский - школа, колледж, университет? Какие уже успехи есть, с чем трудности возникают? Чем помочь могу? :) Мне писать тебе на русском и дублировать всё на английском? Самый главный вопрос: ты кириллицу понимаешь? :)

thx so much!
Автор:  cho♥chi

Hi, i have two passports, i want to enter Russia us Russian, can i come back? i don't have a military stamp
i'm 23 male, i'm afraid that because i'm obligated to serve, i would not be allowed to go back to U.S. Does anybody know if they look for a special document at the airoport when leaving Russia. please help.
Автор:  remoteunits

can anyone give me many many russian words???
oh pls pls pls!!!!! PLEASE AnD THNK YOUUU
Автор:  kat

Why are Americans so stupid and dumb????
My background is Russian, and every time i tell an american, there first response is "wheres that"?.. Americans are just so stupid, really i cant wait to Russia overpowers these idiots.  
every american does not where russia, but they know where hamburgers are stored!
Именно потому, что евреи контроля их стране, и средств массовой информации. Но для того, чтобы быть честным, я dont волнует Америку. Они brang все это на их ownselves, начало войны на людей, которые сделали не так. И русские всегда изображается как зло ими. Винт Америки.
To american : my english fine, if you cannot understand maybe get an education?
To american : my english fine, if you cannot understand maybe get an education?
Автор:  whatever

Can someone translate this from Russian to English for me?
простите за оффтоп,но русские прям исчезли с сайта.Печаааально... Дима,ждем Вас на КК и в СПб!Удаааачи :-* P.S.Нашла в одном ЖЖ пост,который улыбнул.Поделюсь с Вами: Date: 2008-08-14 20:50 Subject: Семья или туалетная правда Security: Public Бабы дуры. Ни вы конечно, другие. А мужики дебилы, не мои читатели, а читатели скажем журнала FHM (ничего личного, это просто пример)))). Бабы хотят семьи от тех, кто не понимает, зачем его родители развелись сразу после его рождения. У меня есть живой пример, но палить не буду. Мужики хотят, в основном секса без обязательств, а те кто и говорят что готовы законно вас трахать, нафиг не нужны. Старые жирные и потные ( я не считаюсь, тут я автор дневника). К чему я все это? Задаю себе вопрос. А нужен ли нам всем институт семьи? Проблему рождения детей решили давно. Вспомните, как теннисист Бейкер дал в рот одной даме (русская фестивальная барышня – что это такое спросите у старших) в туалете ресторана и ровно через 9 месяцев размножился. Вот вам и современные технологии. Мужики в опасности… Скопировано без цензуры)
Автор:  snapper

Please help me translate these into Russian.?
Please translate the whole following with heart, for it's too important for me, thanks:

Who knows Лилиана Дебда? I know this may seem to be a personal question but I do need and wish to find a Russian girl whose name is Лилиана Дебда. She studied in the EF school in Hastings in UK. She attended the travel programme of EF and might stay in Hastings for weeks. I just know she comes from Russia and has a twin sister named Elena Debda, and she has brown hair and a blue watch, and she loves penguins. I know it's maybe hard to find her with such brief info. But it's really important for me to find her. I mean actually I do want to contact her however I was too shy to ask for further info at that time. I cherish the hope that I could get in touch with her again. God bless.. waiting for your generous info.
Автор:  NorthLane

Whats with muslims and "the west"?
I do not understand why all muslims always say "we are not like the west, we have respect for our culture and dont get pregnant at age 15". I doubt that most muslims have ever seen the US, movies being their closest source of judgement. The Muslims that have been to the states wouldnt be so ignorant by saying that Americans are a bunch of spoiled people who just party 24/7 and have underage sex.

Everyone has different views on how life should be lived, Muslims think that they should behave in this life in order to guarantee themselves ultimate freedom in the next. "Rivers of wine, dozens of virgins" is an example of Muslims' 'paradise', correct me if im wrong.

The face that there are so many underage pregnancies is not to be blamed on religion, I live in a Middle-Eastern country and I dont find all the women to be saints that are virgins until the day they get married.

Im Russian by the way, so im on nobody's side.
Автор:  randyrhoads

Russian and German Translations Please?
Can somebody please translate these 8 sentences to both Russian and German? For Russian please add a romanized version too:

The apple is red.
It is John’s apple.
I give John the apple.
We give him the apple.
He gives it to John.
She gives it to him.
I must give it to him.
I want to give it to her.
Автор:  Optime

Is t.A.T.u. Japanese or Russian?
For some reason tATu reminds me of Japanese music and their voices are like totally Japanese-sounding in my opinion, but I've also heard that they're Russian?

JP  or  RS?
Автор:  ♥Гove and Гïfe♥

russian, why? тебе,тебя,вас,вам. russian speakers.?
can anybody, any russian speakers help me to understand тебе,тебя,вас,вам. because i find it very confusing.
why is it to say, I love you, я люблю тебя in russian.
but i miss you/i miss on you, я скучаю по тебе?
why is it тебя for i love you but, тебе for i miss you?
can someone also give me more examples and why it is like this, (in cryllic thanks) i understand that вас,вам are polite/plural. it just do not know when to use them, in what situations. is it difficult to learn?
just whats the differance between тебе and тебя.?
and the differance between вас and вам. ?
and how to know which one to use in different situations. thanks
Автор:  gg55

Where can i learn to speak russin?
Im in 5th grade and i want to learn russin so one day i can travel there and speak with the locals and so i can have more job choices since i can speak english and spanish looking for a website or something since im in 5th but when im a highschool i'll take a russin class!
Автор:  MrPikachuPancake

What does it mean anti-orangevi meeting in Russia?
Путин передал устроителям "антиоранжевого" митинга деньги на штраф.  What does it mean?
Who is sponsoring "orange" meeting. Wasn't Orange revolution in Ukraine?
Автор:  K2010

Is it correct to consider Saturday protest in Moscow as?
the triumph of democracy?
торжество демократии
someone asked, so I wanted to answer but I wasn't sure
Автор:  K2010

how do you say in russian?
- my clothes would smell if i left them any longer
(don't ask why lolol)
- i need ten copies of this
- we don't know where our class is, can you help us?
- do you know who our teacher is?
Автор:  Cherry Fahita

Russian speakers how do you say this?
Please can Russian speakers please tell my how I can say:

when are you coming to england? What date?

I just want to know how to say that. Please not just internet translator answers please because I could do that myself. I want to know how to say it properly. Thank you.
Автор:  Jay

How do you say this in Russian?
- never mind
- i'm tired/ We're tired/She's tired
- it's your fault
- the place is empty/crowded
- miss (formal, not like divushka)/mrs/mr

and if i'm looking for someone (in an office for example) can i say:
Μне нужен/а …
Автор:  Cherry Fahita